11th Hall of Fame of the President of the Pilsen Region 2019

07. listopadu 2019 16:25, aktualizováno 06. prosince 2019 10:26, Milada Soukupová

On 8 October 2019, the Hall of Fame of the President of the Pilsen Region opened to invite another three prominent figures of the region from the field of business, arts and sports.

Manager and one of the best known brewers Václav Berka, prominent Czech film director Jaroslav Soukup, whose most successful films and TV series are set in Pilsen or the Šumava Mountains, and long-time handball player and coach Libuše Škvařilová are three personalities who have been introduced by the President of the Pilsen Region Josef Bernard into the imaginary Hall of Fame and who obtained a commemorative certificate and a distinctive stone – agate – from the President of the Region.

All these people were either born in or are connected with the Pilsen Region, and their diligence, tenacity, professionalism as well as moral and human qualities reach far beyond its borders. 40 personalities have entered the Hall of Fame so far.

 “Today, the media is full of celebrities of all kinds. But the Hall of Fame is a little different cup of tea. Every year we present people who can be proud of their professional lives and achievements. They complement each other particularly well this year. A brewer, master of his craft, a coach and Czech national team player who dedicated her whole life to sport, and a famous director, whose films are often set in our region or Pilsen, "said the Governor of the Pilsen Region Josef Bernard at the opening ceremony.

The ceremony was held in the small hall of Municipal House in Pilsen.

The program featured students of the Pilsen Conservatory.




Ing. Václav Berka
10 July1956 in Pilsen

Native Pilsener Václav Berka joined his entire professional life with the Pilsen brewery.

After graduating from the Secondary School of Food Technology and the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague, Václav Berka started to work in Plzeňský Prazdroj, first as a technologist. Then he worked at several positions until 1993 when he became director of Gambrinus Brewery.

A year later, he was appointed Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Plzeňský Prazdroj, and at the same time served as the chief brewer in Pilsen. In addition to his almost 25 years in the Supervisory Board, he was also the manager and later senior commercial brewer of Plzeňský Prazdroj.

Now emeritus chief brewer in Plzeňský Prazdroj Václav Berka is a co-author of two Czech patents and author and co-author of lectures at brewing conferences both in the Czech Republic and abroad.




Jaroslav Soukup
19 November 1946 in Pilsen

Native Pilsener Jaroslav Soukup is a well-known and successful film director, screenwriter and producer.

His film journey began in 1961 in the Amateur Film Makers Club in Pilsen, where he made his first films. His 16mm amateur film Reverse Direction was awarded the Silver Screen at the International Amateur Film Festival in Nyon, Switzerland in 1966.

After military service, Jaroslav Soukup began studying film making at FAMU in Prague and after graduation he was employed at the Barrandov Film Studio as a screenwriter and later as a director.

The film hits Vítr v kapse, Láska z pasáže, Kamarád do deště, Discopříběh and their sequels appealed to young audiences and are still very popular. Jaroslav Soukup's latest work is the TV series Policie Modrava, which is one of the most successful Czech TV series.

Since Jaroslav Soukup shot his films mostly in his birthplace and in the Šumava Mountains, he significantly contributed to the promotion of the City of Pilsen and the Pilsen Region.




Libuše Škvařilová
25 October 1950 in Pilsen

"Since I was three years old, I knew that my life was going to be closely tied to sports," says Libuše Škvařilová, whose life revolves around handball.

Her handball career started in the club ČSAD Plzeň, which became a vice-champion of Czechoslovakia. Then she became a member of the junior national team and of first league team Slavia VŠ Plzeň. Later she played for the national team. In 1975 she transferred to Tatran Střešovice. After two years she returned to Pilsen and still as an active player began to train children. Until 1992, she was a coach, a Pilsen club player, and also managed to play shortly in Denmark, where she gained a lot of experience.

In 1994 she started to train women at the VŠ Plzeň club. For many years she trained the Pilsen Region team.

"Coach of Pilsen of the Year 2011" Libuše Škvařilová and her husband  established handball club HC Plzeň in 2002, where she shares her experiences with children and supports them in the idea that “the meaningful use of leisure time is in sport”. She has raised a number of national team players and organizes regular children and youth handball camps.